Dependencies on Backlogged Tasks

I would like to be able to click the Dependencies button within the Task view and add a Predecessor but NOT have dates on either task.  Currently adding a Predecessor to a Backlogged (no dates) task automatically sets dates for both tasks (based on the Duration that's set).  If I remove the dates, it removes it as a Predecessor.  I want both tasks to remain Backlogged (no dates) so that when I decide to start working on one, I can see that one is a Predecessor to the other and needs to be done first.  My default view on this folder is Table View, with the column shown for Predecessors. Wanted to provide product feedback.

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Hi Meredith Selden, thanks a lot for creating a post and sharing your suggestion!

You might also be interested in upvoting this Product Feedback thread too 👍 

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks for the link Lisa!  I had not seen that other thread when searching. 


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