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Hi to all.

Currently we are using Wrike to organize and track the activities of my team, this means in particular that our team members are not free to use Wrike fully to create and plan their tasks, but this goes through me. This is due to the fact that we come froma very messy situation and we need to organize priorities and have a complete overview of what happens inside our team and Wrike helped us greatly.

We are currently experiencing an issue with meetings, because sometimes we have some meetings not planned in advance, so we would like to have the possibilities to track a past occurrency, meaning creating an activity when it was already completed. Is it possibile to do so? Is there a smart way? The fact that we cannot choose the completion date is obviously a limiti because we need to track also that. Our best solution at the moment has been creating a "box task" in which my users put hours dedicated to this extra meetings/activities in order to track the time and specify in the time tracking comment what was done.

Is there any better way?


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My suggestion would be to create a custom field for tracking those past completion dates. Maybe "Actual Completion Date" where the user could then enter the date the work was actually completed, enter the time like usual (they can select any date for that), and leave any notes necessary in the time tracking comment area. At least by creating a custom field - it would then be reportable data.

My team also uses a weekly recurrent task to block time for scheduled meetings so we can better plan capacity and enter time spent in meetings - it's used as a catch-all for all the meetings we have in the week so each meeting doesn't have its own task and clutter up our workload view. If you need each meeting to have its own and need to backdate - then a custom field is definitely the way to go there so you can report on the actual completion date of those backdated items. 

I'd be happy to assist or answer any other questions if needed. 

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Thank you very much Kelly Hanson, I'll test this solution!

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Thanks, Anna Torossi for the question and Kelly Hanson for a great solution 💚

I'd second Kelly on using custom fields, and I can additionally suggest creating a calendar and a folder dedicated to meetings with dedicated tasks for each meeting. That could help with having a holistic view of all meetings you have. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Thank you for the feedback Cansu!


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