Shared Reports & Dashboards Help with Collaboration


I would say some tips for remote collaboration that I use regularly would include leveraging shared dashboards and reports. We have one shared dashboard to track all quality checks in flight and anyone on the team can see them at any time. Another team has a dashboard that they use to go over new tickets and current in progress tickets at their meeting each week. 

I also use shared reports frequently with those that report to me. We go over their workload in our 1-on-1 meetings each week and all we have to do is pull up a report we both can see! 

Lastly, I also use the reminder in email settings to send me an email if I haven't responded to an @ mention in a couple of days. That way I am reminded if I haven't followed up on a project or a task. 

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Thanks so much for sharing your tips here Devree Czupinski, they are really useful! And I love to see how you're using Automation, hopefully, the extended rules limit will make it easier for your team to use even more of it 🙌

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