Public Feed/View of Workload & Capacity

We're fielding more questions all the time about communicating what our capacity looks like for our team(s) to sales, management, etc. outside of Wrike. It would be excellent if there was a way to publish either a basic capacity calendar similar to what the new Percentages in workload look like OR even just a running feed of what the capacity is based on the workload chart. Ideally then this could be either integrated into a shared information space as some code or even integrated into the request forms so that when requestors are entering a project and they pick a deadline they could potentially see if there's capacity on that given day (especially for really short-turn projects). At the minimum, a public view (similar to the calendar public links) would be great to have in a shared space so that our external requestors can see at a glance what the marketing or creative team capacity is looking like. The public view wouldn't even have to be broken down by the user, it could be a general "Team Workload Chart Name" and then capacity by day (see below mockup)

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Thank you for submitting this idea Kelly Hanson! It's now been passed to the team. I also wanted to mention the team's plans to release the ability to export the Workload view in Excel, hope this comes in useful 🙂

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