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I am trying to sync my tasks with a google calendar.

I was hoping to sync a task that includes a lot of subtasks in such a way that all subtasks show up in the calendar.

I managed to add the main task to the calendar but only the first subtask ends up in the calendar. Also, when I move the main task in the time line, the google calendar does not update, ending up with inconsistent dates between google and wrike.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Johannes, it looks like this has already been answered by support, but I wanted to put some information here as well in case it helps someone else. You can use iCal links to include both scheduled tasks and subtasks on your calendar. One thing to note is that Google Calendar can take a little while to update (up to 24 hours). We'd love it to update faster, but unfortunately, it's not something we can speed up from our end. 

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Hi, the iCAL link does not work. Could you let me know how to sync my Wrike tasks with iCAL? Thanks. 

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Hi Jennifer Park, welcome to the Community! 🙂

iCal is no longer available in Wrike. Let me raise a ticket for you so that our Support team could advise you on using external calendars. Someone will reach out to you soon! 

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