Duplicate Status button at bottom of window

Currently, after people post a comment in a task, they never remember to change the status when needed (for example, Posting a note of corrections, and changing the status to "Edits Requested", or uploading a proof and changing to "Pending Approval")

Maybe there's a way to have that dropdown of statuses appear at the bottom, as well? Or next to the comment being posted? Because, out of sight, out of mind? 

I wish we could make it a requirement to also confirm or change the status any time a note's posted... but maybe that's getting too greedy. :)

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I agree with this Feedback. 

I find that some team members do not update the status because once they move down the page past the description or comment section the tool bar with the status in it is no longer visible. For new users it appears they forget the information about the task is there. If not another status button at the bottom of the page, perhaps freezing the top tool bar (like the task name and folders) to not move down the screen when the user is scrolling down through the task information.


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