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Hi I can't tell if someone did this or not because some of the other posts were not as relatable. 


It's nice the forms are dynamic but it's only for drop downs. I need it to be in checkboxes that it can map to another page/options. There are MULTIPLE options in the forms I use and each one merits it's own new page of options to walk through.


For instance, a user can check each of these:

( ) Photography

( ) Web Updates

( ) Print Piece


Each page checked (they can check multiple options) means a new subset of questions they need to walk through so we have what we need. Without that built in I cannot use the forms because I do not want to make them do a dropdown for each because I'd have to list all of them in each dropdown to choose from and it creates confusion and errors. We have more than three to choose from obviously.



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Hi Sara, thanks for your post. Applying this logic isn't on our immediate roadmap but it is an interesting idea. Bill raised this with us in his post about adding additional logic to checkboxes in May. It helps our Product Team's to see all feedback requests on a topic in one place so I suggest upvoting BIll's post and adding your use case as a comment. I'll mark this post as a duplicate to keep all interested members voting in one place. Thanks for sharing!

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