Create "Campaigns" in Wrike?

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My team serves as the digital marketing agency for a group of companies. Representatives from those companies will submit a Wrike request for a piece of collateral they want created (email, landing page, banner, etc). Currently, they select what collateral they want and complete the required information.


Most of the time however, they're requesting a "campaign" with multiple components. In this case, they have to fill out separate requests for each. I'm looking for suggestions on how to best format the request form for "campaigns". Is there a way to structure the form where the user would select email, banner, landing page, then be able to complete the required information for each, based on their selection? I thought that the addition of Conditional Logic would solve this issue, but that's only available on dropdown, not checkboxes.


Has anybody run into this issue and developed a workaround? Getting a lot of complaints from my clients about having to submit multiple requests for the same project.




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We have a similar situation with our Travel Request Form. We just created step-through pages. 


Pg 1 - Do you need a flight? Yes directs to Pg 2, No directs to Pg 3

Pg 2 - Flight Information - Submit directs to Pg 3

Pg 3 - Do you need a rental car? Yes directs to Pg 4, No directs to Pg 5

Pg 4 - Rental Car Information - Submit directs to Pg 5

Pg 5 - Do you need a hotel? Yes directs to Pg 6, No directs to Pg 7

Pg 6 - Hotel Information - Submit directs to Pg 7

Pg 7 - Do you need per diem? Yes directs to Pg 8, No Completes/submits form

Pg 8 - Per Diem Information - Submit completes form


I'm not sure if that would work in your situation, but it allowed us to present all of the options without cluttering up anyone's form with information they didn't need.

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Thanks for the reply Emily! We do a little bit of this on the 1st page of our form:


Pg 1 - Name/Company/What type of project are you requesting?

  • Banner - directs to Pg 2
  • Email - directs to Pg 3
  • Landing Page - directs to Pg 4
  • Print Collateral - directs to Pg 5
  • Reporting - directs to Pg 6
  • Other - directs to Pg 7


We could take your approach, but I'm really looking for the ability to use checkboxes on the 1st page to get them thinking of a multi-pronged approach to marketing. Something like this:


What are the components of your campaign

[  ] Banner

[  ] Email

[  ] Landing Page

[  ] Print Collateral

[  ] Reporting

[  ] Other


Then, based on what they select, they would be taken to the appropriate page(s). I don't understand why logic is available for dropdown selections in Wrike, but not checkboxes.

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@Bill - I've moved this post over to the How To section for other members to find it a little easier when needed.

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