Hours incorrect in timelog if more than 1000 records

Only 1,000 rows will display in the timelog view. I have a smaller team (4 developers) and this feature is causing an issue.


As you can see in the image below, it says that the total time for the time frame I selected (Q1) was 1193h 35m. I knew this number was incorrect because I just finished pulling a different report and the total number was 1307h 07m. If I select each team member individually and total up the hours myself, the total hours is 1307h 07m, which is correct. Thus, I know that there are quite a few rows missing from the timelog view. When I exported the information to an excel doc all the hours totaled 1307h 07m.


If I were relying on the timelog view only, my number would be incorrect. I feel like there should not be a set limit for how many rows display. The larger your team, the more rows you will need.


Steps to replicate

1)     Go to the folder

2)     Click on timelog

3)     Select the correct date range

4)     If there are more than 1,000 entries, then only 1,000 will display. This will make the hours appear incorrectly.

5)     If you have more than 1,000 entries, click on Export > Excel (timelog). You will see that the number is different than the number provided in the timelog view.


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I've seen the same behavior and agree that relying on the Timelog interface could be misleading (if you are not aware of the limit).  I think the 'error message' at the bottom of the Timelog view needs to be more visible - I only saw this when I scrolled to the bottom of the report, it was not visible until I did that.

I also agree that users should be allowed to 'proceed at their own risk' when generating Timelog reports that could return more that 1000 rows. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hello Becca, Christine, thanks for posting this here! The 1000 entries limit was set to prevent the Workspace slowness when there are too many Timelog entries to pull, but I think the suggestion to give users a chance to “proceed at their own risk” is great. To work around the limit, you can select the smaller timespan or filter tasks by each assignee separately (let me know if you need help with it).
I also agree that the error message should be easier to notice so people who don’t know that the limit is in place wouldn’t get confused. Once again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, it is much appreciated.

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