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Streamlining Project Organization

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    Hi Paul! Thank you for the questions and for describing your use case in such detail. The ideas you already have about setting this up are great, and I think that using both Reports and starred Projects will be useful. Team members can star the Projects they need to be working on after opening the shared Report, and after that set a Report reminder to easily check for updates in the future. 

    Depending on your team's workflow, another option which could potentially help is to make the "Active" Folder precede the "Client" one, as shown here:

    I know you mentioned that ideally the Project shouldn't be moved after it is created, but I wanted to suggest the archiving option too, since it makes it easier to find active jobs in the Workspace. Here are some tips to get the most out of archiving:

    • Create Subfolders in the archive to organize completed jobs. These can be based on clients, departments, time frames, or any other category which will make the completed Projects easier to reference in the future.
    • Name the archive Folder "zArchive" for it to appear at the bottom of the navigation panel.
    • Drag and drop completed Projects to the archive Folder to quickly move them once they've been completed. Here's how:

    Would any of these options work for your team? Looking forward to hearing about how other users approach this too!



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