Duplicate Template (folder) tasks into projects


I have a bunch of Tasks in a folder (a template) that I'd like to Duplicate into an existing Project. I'd like to have the new tasks simply added to the Project and not create a new Folder in the Project. 

Is manually selecting all of the tasks and duplicating them the only way to accomplish this? 

- I'd like to copy all of the tasks in the template folder.
- Copying the folder adds all the tasks as a folder in the existing project.
- Copying all the tasks prevents the addition of a pre-fix. 

Use Case:

- We create a Project a week in advance for next week's weekly meeting so folks can see and contribute to the agenda. That project has a few tasks in it (Create Agenda, Schedule Conference Room, etc.) 

- We have the meeting

- I'd like to duplicate a bunch of post-meeting tasks into that same Meeting Project. (Distribute Minutes, Clean Conference Room, Etc.) 

- Because we are working a week ahead, the same tasks appear twice- once for this week's meeting and once for next. The start dates are correct, but since they still appear in the user's tasks anyway, we have confusion and often do the right task for the wrong meeting. 

We are on Wrike Professional and cannot upgrade to Business... so these new and exiciting Blueprints are out.  


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I'm on Business, so not sure if this solution is available in Professional, but have you looked at potentially using a form to duplicate the template & use the "Add Prefix" option in the "Actions upon submission" section of the sidebar?  

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Thanks TheDesignard! Yeah, sadly, forms aren't available in the Professional version. :( 

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I think this requires an extra step. I would do it this way:

  1. Duplicate the template folder into the project. Add the dates and title prefix you want. (I know you would prefer not to have the folder; we'll fix that in a second.)
  2. In the newly created folder, multi-select all the tasks
  3. Move the tasks out of the folder they're in, so they're directly in the project you want. If they are only in this folder, you can use "Move To" from the right-hand, mutli-edit sidebar. If they are more than one folder (and you want them to stay in some of them) you should use "Remove From" to take them out of the current folder, and "Add To" to put them into the project you want.
  4. Delete the empty folder from the project.

Hope this helps.


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What a great solution Michael! I hadn't thought of basically using the folder to essentially deliver a set of tasks to a project, then "unpacking" them & discarding the folder. Even though I have the option to use forms w/ the prefix feature, this would work really well for setting up some of our projects that don't come in through forms. Thanks!


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That's a good work around. It means someone on the more-skills side of the team has to do this, but it will work. 





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