API query with customFields values array

I am querying Tasks using /tasks API GET request. I need to filter my request by a custom field I am adding a customField filter to it.

It works fine for a single value, e.g. customField={id:'fieldId', value:'Belarus'} works great, however if I am trying to use values the filtering does not happen, i.e. customField={id:'fieldId', values:['Russian Federation', 'Belarus'] is completely ignored.

This attribute (values) is described in the API documentation (https://developers.wrike.com/api/v4/tasks/) but does not appear to work and I cannot find any example of querying by customField with multiple values. Is a bug or an issue with my request?

thank you!

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Hi Ilya Kochetov, welcome to the Community! 🙂

I'm going to raise a ticket with our Support team for you so that they can look into this and advise. Someone will reach out to you soon! 

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