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Our teams try hard to operate on the premise: “if it isn’t in Wrike, it doesn’t exist”, but some of us that travel a lot, work out of airports, airplanes, hotels or could up in a situation without a stable connection — or no connection, can find it challenging to utilize the mobile applications effectively to edit or modify tasks and information without more comprehensive offline features or caching. 

While you can create a new task, and add a description offline that will sync up later, it would be great to have the ability to also edit existing tasks, info and the description area in a much more robust way while offline and have that then reconcile after a connection is established again. 

I personally have had to resort to other applications that have this as a feature set in order to document or take notes effectively, or build out tasks and next steps from notes while offline, only to have to copy that into Wrike later.

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Hi Michael Shavalier, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the late reply!

Could you please explain in more detail what functionality is missing for you? Because you should be able to edit existing tasks already, but maybe I misunderstand. 😇

Thank you! 

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