Ability to group Spaces for Admins


We are loving Spaces, but it gets to be cumbersome for me working in the Admin account at times. Our organization currently has over 40 spaces, one for each department and one for each collaborative/major event/project. Most of our account holders only have about 3-7 spaces on their screen, so it works great for them to stay organized and allow permissions in specific projects outside of their own department. The problem comes in when I am trying to find something using the admin account, and it takes a while to sift through those 40+ spaces on the panel to find what I need. 

It would be wonderful if I was able to group and minimize all of the department spaces so I only have the event/project spaces to work through (or vice versa).

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Hey Patrick, thanks for your feedback, I really like the idea! Our Product team is now working on overall Spaces navigation, so your post comes in a good time 🙂

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