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Hi I would like to see Wrike integrate the feature where you can select whether a reviewer can only review a deliverable, and some reviewers can be designated with approval rights.

Proof HQ has this feature and i find that it keeps the project moving along. as you have mutliple people who can provide feedback, but then still one person who has authority to approve and keep the project moving.

can anyone else agree this function is needed?

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In the same line, our company could use sub-approvers. When we have large documents needing to be proofed by our communications department, the document review is typically assigned to our director of communications, and then he creates new tasks to assigns specific pages/sections to his coordinators review. Once all of the coordinators are done with their assigned sections, he reviews everyone's comments and then gives the final approved/changes required. The option of tiered reviewers has potential to streamline this process. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Patrick I like that idea as well.


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