Auto Completed Tasks updating together

We've set up a project with multiple repeating segments. The project has the same tasks that have to be done in multiple locations (independent of each other) and have to be repeated quarterly.

So when we were setting this project up, Wrike helpfully offered to auto complete task names as we were typing them out. Taking advantage of this helped to speed the process considerably.

However, now that we've updated the Q1 tasks as completed, we've found that *all* of the same named tasks have updated as complete across the entire project. Is there a way to delink them from updating like this? 

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I think you may have actually just added the same task over and over again into different folders. To check to see if this is actually correct check the Task ID to see if this is correct. To do this when the task is complete click on the link icon in the top right-hand corner and if they are really different tasks the number will be different. If the tasks are the same then the number will be the same.

If they are the same tasks then you will need to remove the folder tags from the other quarters.

To use these tasks over and over again, you can do one of two things.

1.) You can duplicate the tasks for the other quarters from Q1.

2.) You can make these tasks recurring that auto create based on dates. 

If you need assistance completing this let me know.

Hope this helps.


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