Effort: Relate to Timelog

This is something that I have brought up to our account manager at Wrike. They have informed me it is not a functionality set to be implemented in the foreseeable future, but wondering if there are other users who may find this useful and possibly push for it as an addition.

We'd like to see a relationship between effort and timelog. As it stands we assign effort to a task, but if there is time logged against the task, it does not impact the current 'effort' available to a team member. So, as time goes on and work is completed, it would reflect remaining effort possibly as a percentage or some other figure.

This would be applicable in the following situation: 
- Sally has 5 hours to complete a design over the course of a single work week (5 days), which evens out to an hour a day. 
- Let's say she gets some free time on Monday and can commit additional time to this project. She is able to complete 3 hours of work on the project and logs the time against the task. 
- This task now (technically) has 2 hours remaining for the rest of the week (4 days). Since the effort value is not relational to the timelog, it still shows she has 1 hour per day (if set to basic). If it were related, it would show .5 hours per day remaining, which would open up some time on her schedule.


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Also open to alternative solutions that may be used throughout the community.

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I totally agree. No one else matter ?

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For me it's a real need. Don't understand why it's not possible to link timelog and effort. It should be the same. 

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This would be an incredibly helpful feature. 

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Hey everyone, thank you for all of your feedback! It has all been passed on to our Product team.

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Are there any updates on this? My team has also discussed this and it would be a huge benefit. We do not have the staffing/time to manually go back through every day and adjust effort based on the time that's been spent/logged to tasks. This makes effort useful when looking out weeks/months ahead, but once projects are in progress it becomes useless in a sense because it's not a true reflection of effort remaining.

Please advise!

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Hi Sierra Guterba, thanks for bumping this thread. I don't have an update here at the moment, so please upvote the suggestion if you haven't done so yet. As you may know, votes help the team estimate the popularity of the ideas in this forum 🙂

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