Aggregation SUM function for calculated columns

Hi, I am trailing Wrike to make sure it is best fit for our organisation and so far really impressed. As you can sense there is always a but. Mine is that I am trying to use template projects to prepare project estimates that can then move forward to a live project without reinventing the wheel.

The issue I have stumbled across is that when using the Aggregation SUM setting to arrive at total the calculations are way out because they are being applied to the various sub-totals for each phase/group.

At present I have two columns [Est Hrs] and [Est Rate] then in report I sue a simple calculated field to arrive at total ie. [Est Hrs] * [Est Rate]. All works fine except the fact that I cannot get a total for the estimate without "dumping" it into Excel and adding sum formula to total the calculated column.

Seems like a possible oversight since I notice Wrike calculates the totals correctly for [Time Spent] column in reports.

Similarly I want to be able to accurately report the variance between [Time Spent] and [Est Hrs] when multiplied by their respective cost and charge out rates but envisage that I will run into the same problem.

Love to know if anyone else has discovered a better workaround for this?

Thanks for taking time out to consider this post.




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How is this not a feature??  If there is a Calculated Column in reports that calculates other columns together the code should be very simple to have a Calculated number in the TOTALS row for that calculated column.

Please add this it is very much needed and saves time.

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Agreed, a calculated sum of everything in a column is critical! I feel like this is an easy add and I don't want to have to export to sum the data.

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I'm interested in calculating a sum of 4 previously installed columns (each as dropdown numbers).

Is this possible? (It would involve converting the text form to NUM, then SUM). 

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It is strange that custom number and calculated fields are not summed up in reports. When it works in the table view why not reports?

This should be pretty straight forward feature that was missed out by Wrike. This should be enabled asap and not wait for voting as this is basic a feature.

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Hey everyone, thank you for all of your feedback! This has been passed on to our Product team.


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