Request Form customization

When filling out a request form, it would be helpful if we could assign different tasks within a project to different members, as well as setting the due dates for each task.

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I may not fully understand what's being asked, but that's something that I build into different project templates depending on what options are selected and it pulls a different project template depending on the selections made in the request form.

If projects could include the requestor into certain tasks, I can see that being very valuable though.

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Hi Cameron,

Currently, the quickest way to assign due dates, tasks and subtasks to team members is via an import where we've already pre-assigned the team members and due dates. If we duplicate a template, we will still need to go in and manually update each task, subtask and due date. Was hoping that when filling out the request form, we could set it up so that it can all be assigned before a project is created upon submission of the request form.


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