Androïd App / Task Date UI UX to optimize a bit

Hi Guys,

Using quite a lot the Androïd Mobile App, i face sometimes some places where the app can still be optimized.

One case i noticed this morning, when i had to rescheduled a forgotten tasks:

  • Compare to the desktop version, we are missing a shortcuts button to jump to "Today"
  • So below, you can see i had to navigate on the calendar from September 2017 to today by a lot of inneficient scrolling for the purpose


Additional remark:

I used quite a lot the app to create tasks on the fly when i think on new steps or action points when in meeting.

  • the "Milestones" features is hidden behind a menu, i would love to see the milestones feature in the first screenset when opening the date selector

I hope this could be integrated in the upcoming App updates.




PS: this could be a result

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