Newer Mass Edit workflows is terrible

Perhaps this is just me, but it seems Mass Editing has changed ... and not for the good. The checkbox is gone and now you have to "enable" it by selecting the Mass Edit link/switch on the upper right.

This new flow is clumsy and seems not very well thought through by your development team. 

An example of this is when wanting to assign a bunch of tasks. In the past, I could still see the current assignee. However now, you cannot. So now I find i have to get in and out of mass edit mode at times if I am assigning a bunch of things to different people.

The UI/UX, IMHO is terrible and non-intuitive. It is a circle with a checkmark. They do turn blue, but non-intuitive. And why are some gray and others not? 

The circle checkmark icons are often unresponsive and do not uncheck always (though I see it flicker).

it also seems that they only way to get out of mass edit is to uncheck everything? Counter intuitive when you have a link that "turns it on". Okay correction. There is a "Reset". But where is it? On the left. And what does "Reset" do? I would think it would clear all selections. Nope. It turns off Mass Edit mode. If I select multiple items it assume I want to select them all and checks them. Huh? And trying to do multi-selection unselect is clumsy. Terrible design and experience. Does Wrike even dog food their own software? 

Since everything is on the left during Mass Edit, it seems you would have been better off from a design perspective to have the Mass Edit link/switch on the left as opposed to putting it on the far right.

Mass Editing has always suffered from the checked items being too "sticky" (lifetime on them is a bit long so it is easy to forget items are still selected). This is actually slightly fixed with this newer feature set. So I suppose that is one good. But in general, a fine example of one step forward and two back.



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I agree with you 100%! I find it to be a downgrade for sure, for the same reasons you mentioned.

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