Advanced search web UI (like SQL)

My company is using Wrike extensively in Agile executive management. We have some complex workflows and operating procedures we'd like to enforce, but Wrike's current user interface does not allow the advanced query capability we need. We're looking for thinks like not-in, recursive folder searching, and eventually would like to allow bulk updates.

We do not have our own development team. It would be idea if we could find an out-of-the box solution that would give us a cloud app with web-based interface that connects to the Wrike API and allows us to view the data as tables and run queries either through some predefined controls (ideal) or just a SQL query statement where the results come back to the web browser.

Short of custom development, please let me know if you have any suggestions. If we do go custom development, I'd also appreciate input on the easiest way to build it.

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Agreed.  The reporting tool available from Wrike is insufficient to produce actionable reports (KPIs).

It would be great to have direct access to write reports with other reporting tools.

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