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It would be great to be able to view where the comments to a document are applied to within the extension.

For example - the markup/comment says "remove this line". Currently, within the extension in InDesign, that is all that is shown, with zero indication of where that comment is applied on the document. It would be great if there was a way to see what part of the document that comment applies to without leaving InDesign. This would allow instant editing of the document, and a quick fix and update. Instead of having to toggle between windows to view where the comment is referring too and then making the change in InDesign. This may be a great addition to the other Adobe programs as well, I only utilize InDesign, so that is where my knowledge is coming from. 


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YES! I just discovered that InDesign can import comments made to a PDF document. I tried exporting comments from Wrike and then importing that documents comments but it only half works—I had to open the pdf in acrobat and resave it for Indesign to recognize it. If you do it this way the comments do appear in the right place but the "Accept changes" functionality still does not work.

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