Schedule a Meeting with Outlook

Hi there,

While i tested your awesome feature "Schedule a Meeting with Google Calendar" as described here,

our company is fully setup on Microsoft Office and therefore both email and calendar are managed on Outlook.

Do you have a feature and/or a roadmap for having the same feature for outlook "Schedule a Meeting with Outlook"

thanks in advance and hopefuly read you soon


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Hi Julien, sorry for the delay here. Although this is not our Product Team's roadmap we have brought it to their attention as it's an interesting idea and we can see benefits of it. Thanks for sharing so others can share their vote 🙌

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Not a huge deal but when we sell wrike within the organization to get away from using emails, and outlook for task related items. It was asked if they should continue to use outlook for scheduling meetings. It might be nice to have a log of these meetings (such as a meeting was scheduled for x day). In other words, trigger the meeting request within Wrike and have a log that the meeting was scheduled, but let outlook or whatever schedulign tool is selected/configured toi handle the meat of the meeting scheduling.

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