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We are new clients & our creative team uses Keynote (exclusively) & Pages (typically) instead of Microsoft products.  I saw that PPT did get added to Review, but I don't see any requests for Keynote, which is a really high priority for us developing our curriculum. Because there is no ability to review files in Dropbox either, this is a really big roadblock for us.  We are planning to have clients review our work product using Wrike & would love to have Keynote in particular able to be reviewed.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Kendal, thanks for posting about this - you're right it's the first time I've heard of this too 😊

As far as I can see Keynote has the option to download as PDF - I wonder if this helps for now?

Looking forward to your reply 👍

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I would like to second this request for review functionality to be extended to Keynote and Pages for Mac. These pieces of software are at the core of what we do, especially Keynote. While exporting to PDF for review is a work around, it adds extra steps and causes confusion because there are then multiple files of different formats being worked on simultaneously. We would very much appreciate if this feature could be added. Thanks!

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Pages and Numbers document support in Wrike would be a huge enhancement for our workflow.  We are in a creative group and Pages is used primarily by our copywriting well as writing Creative Briefs (but we like the rudimentary layout for Briefs in Wrike, too....we just have to add a lot more detail since many groups riff off the creative brief and need more detail).  The ability to track Pages version in Wrike's Document Editor would be big boost for our group.  We cannot get them to use MS Word - a lot of their past history has been with Pages and the staff is most comfortable with it.  Numbers would be another great add - but not as important as Pages.  We do use Excel - but if you're going to go the distance on Pages, go for Keynote and Numbers too.  We do use Box also - so nice that the integration with Box is already there to at least share Pages documents.

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Hi - bumping this. I, and others on my team, have a strong, strong preference for Apple products. Please support Pages/Keynote in future iterations!


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Welcome to the forums Erin Dawson 👋 Thanks for bumping this thread. It would also help if you could upvote (= like) the original post above in case you haven't done so yet - the votes help our Product team understand how popular a suggestion is 👍

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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