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Hi, I am glad to see that you can add time on a task with different work types. I would also like to be able to add time by from xx hrs to xx hrs if possible. 

My second request is the most important one: I would like to get a report on only one project and subtasks or on tasks with subtasks, summed up together, and at the same time be able to select a start end end date of the period I want to see the hours worked on a project or task. 

Best, Cathrine


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Hi Catherine, thanks for taking the time to post this here. I can see you discussed this with the Support Team. Your post here is in the right place now. It will be brought to the attention of the Product Team for when they're making enhancements to this functionality in the future.

Thanks for sharing and happy posting!🙌

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I would also like to request an enhancement to the timelog feature.  I like the new feature of being able to have timelog categories.  But I would like to request a second option for users to interface with the timelog and submit timelog entries generically and not via a specific task. 

I received feedback from our users that it's sometimes difficult to enter time at the task level, since they think of their time in larger "buckets".  They might know they spent 4hrs on "implementation projects", but that covered 5 different tasks.  It's a lot of work for them to have to go into each task and record a portion of that 4hrs on each task.  I'd like to request that you provide users with the ability to make timelog entries from the "timelog" view/tab, without having to first select a task.   It would be great if the new timelog record entered from this screen could provide users with a field that allows them to type-ahead and select 1 or more tasks in the system to associate their time record with.  And if a user entered time from a specific task, this field could be pre-populated with that task, and users could add additional tasks if needed.  Or they could also leave the task blank, and just select a timelog category.  This would make the timelog feature useable for us.  Currently it is not used because of the restriction of needing to add time to individual tasks.  

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Jenina, wouldn't that just add more complexity? You'd be creating a whole new entity ("implementation projects" in your example) against which time is logged; or how else would you suggest finding the time logs? What would you like them to be 'attached to'?

I know what you mean by logging time against many tasks, but really if a task is tiny (only a few mins) you can just create a checklist inside a 'big' task. If the subtasks are work creating, then they're surely worth logging time against individually and it's basically a matter of discipline. It certainly makes a much more useful report, especially with timelog comments

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We use Tasks in our projects to track major deliverables that have an invoice amount as a milestone payment from the client as defined in our Scope of Work.

This makes it easy to set a custom workflow that notifies our accounting dept when we set a Task "Complete-Ready for Invoicing."

Under the Tasks are several sub tasks as each one of these may have several components we need to track individually. In each task, for simplicity's sake, there are usually 2 sub tasks: Engagement and Task Execution (one is more focused on client communications, facilitation etc. the other is putting together reports to complete the parent task.)

However, when I look at the Timelog, I can only see the name of the sub task, not the parent task it rolls up to. I need the visibility b/c I export the Timelog for all our employees to excel so we can import it into our accounting and billing platform.

Is there a way I can see more details about the sub tasks in this Timelog view?

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