Task Attachments Rollup

If you have a Project with 5 tasks within it, and attach documents to 3 of the individual tasks, the only place to see those docs are by navigating to the particular task.
Some applications like Basecamp have similar features where you can attach doc to tasks but do roll up to the project view.
Just putting i tout there for Wrike Dev team review as a potential future enhancement.
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It's a good idea Edward and you've posted it in the right place - the Product Team regularly review the feedback posted here.

You might also be interested in Jonas request and Ivan's request which talks about similar attachment management.

For now, it might be useful to use a cloud storage like Google Drive, and then share the link to the attachments in the project file. It's not exatly what you're looking for, but having a direct link to all attachments may come in useful for now.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 🙌

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Would like to add my voice to this. Miss this standard feature from Liquid Planner. Like you roll up the communications into a "Stream", which is useful, I want to see all the attachments (we only use google links, and don't use Wrike as a repository itself) in one big list, instead of digging around in tasks, and sub-tasks! Hope this request finds favour.


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