Approval process for .eml files

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I was wondering if others are struggling with approving .eml files via the built-in Wrike approval process?
It appears .eml files aren't properly supported, and if you attach them, people need to download and open the file outside of Wrike. Worse, is that when you want to reject the file, it doesn't appear to give you the option to actually leave any comments at all. This makes the built-in approval process completely useless for email files.

Surely other companies would have a nice to review emails/templates via this approval process as well?

The most obvious workaround now is to circumvent the actual approval process and instead use the comments (and various task statuses) to send an email with the .eml file attached, and then receive feedback via emails/comments. A real shame because the approval process would be great, if it would work properly.

Will .eml files be supported any time soon? It seems such an obvious file version to support... Would love to hear input from others, and if there are better/smarter ways to deal with the above. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Fleur Komen, I'll send your feedback to the Approvals team. I haven't heard of any particular plans for such files, but this is an interesting suggestion 👍

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