Make URLs into hyperlinks in Excel Exports from New Table View

The ability to export an excel table that shows only what is in the filtered table view is wonderful, however there are two additional features that would make it perfect for our use case.

We were preparing a large campaign of around 40 social shorts recently, and we used the new table and savable default filters to generate a view that shows only our tasks of our video custom item type, and only the fields: task name, status, version number custom field, and "link to current" custom field where we store a link to the current version on our video review platform.

The new table will detect urls in text fields and automatically make them clickable, which is wonderful, and makes this view a great way for our team to review through all these shorts at once. 

Once we are done reviewing videos internally, I'd love to be able to generate an Excel document from this view that we can send to the client. The existing export is pretty good, but it has the following issues:

  1. The hyperlinks show up as text instead of clickable links like in Wrike. It's easy enough to fix this by going into each cell and pressing enter, but it would be nice if they would just show up as hyperlinks like they do in the table view. 
  2. It would be nice add the option "Do not link item names back to Wrike" (probably in the Excel Export options of the new table view). Currently the Excel export automatically adds a hyperlink to an item's Wrike permalink to the name field. This is great for internal use, but since we are providing this to the client, we want the tasks names to just be names and not hyperlinks.
    When I try to remove the hyperlinks, it removes all the nice indenting and bolding that shows the task hierarchy, and then I have to manually recreate it.

Both of these issues can be fixed manually in Excel, but adding these two features would save us some time and it would make the export from the new table view even closer to what we see in the view while in Wrike. 


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Hi Austin Hines! Excel has a few simple workarounds for what you are suggesting while you wait from feedback and potential action from the Wrike side.

1. Removing Hyperlinks from Task Name

Mass select the cells which you would like to remove the hyperlink from,

Right-click and select "Remove Hyperlink":


2. Mass Converting Hyperlink (TEXT) to Hyperlink

Create a destination column for the hyperlinked text,

Enter the formula ="HYPERLINK(" and select the first cell which you would like to link [e.g. =HYPERLINK(D1)]

Then roll down the formula for the remaining dataset using the double-click function on the bottom right-hand square of the first destination cell


I understand you are wanting this resolved at export but this might make it a bit simpler in the interim!

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Thank you for sharing your idea Austin Hines, we appreciate it! We've already shared it with our product team and we'll inform you here in the Community if we have any updates 👍

Jess Cuddy Thanks for sharing your tip! 🤗

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