Loosing my mind with the folder structure

Hey, I hope someone can assist. I'm losing my mind trying to think of the best setup for our business.

We have various departments, Sales and Training for example. They have similar folders, for example, templates, small tasks, and projects.

So.... folders for each department... then subfolders with the same name? So 'training' has its own templates folders as does 'sales'. So there are two 'templates folders'. If there is only one template folder how do I know which templates are for sale and which are for training when I view?

I had thought of having the main folders entitled, templates, small tasks and projects then folders within it for each team. But I really can't see the best way forward without a lot of duplication. There are over 8 departments and 10 duplicate folders.

Then there is spaces...... :-(


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Welcome to the Community Vicki Keirnan👋

From my experience, spaces are the best option to organize different departments' work in Wrike. You can create one for each, and there are multiple resources to get you started. My personal favorite is this Wrike Discover course (this is one of the e-learning courses that are included in your subscription); it walks you through the whole space organization process. Aside from that, please check out this article on the difference between spaces and folders, and a collection of other resources about spaces. Also, please let me know if you have further questions, I'll be happy to dive deeper and discuss with you 🙂

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We use spaces to organize our functional teams. They do often have similar folders in each of those spaces, sometimes folders that are multi-homed into multiple spaces, but it ensures that what they see is relevant to just them. We also found it really helpful to meet with our customer success manager to review our usage; she confirmed that for our use, which sounds similar to yours, spaces were a good option :)

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey Vicki, we had a similar issue when trying to figure out the best way to structure our folders in Wrike and I want to share the solution we finally came up with that is working great for us, in case it might work better for you than spaces 🙂

As Lara and Lisa mentioned, spaces can be great to help reduce clutter if your departments are fairly independent of each other. Our company organization however isn't quite so clear-cut and we find it easier to work with our departments within the same space.

The "trick" to our solution is that tasks, projects, and even folders can all have more than one parent folder. So, at the top level, we created a folder structure like this:

  • Templates
  • Documentation
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Training

Then, when we needed to create a Sales Template, for example, we would first create it in the Sales folder, but then include it in the Templates folder as well by clicking on the small + button just under the task's name

If you color-code your folders (right click on the folders in the left-hand navigation menu and select color), it makes it even easier to see.

Then, from the list view of the Sales folder, you can tell at a glance which tasks are templates. Similarly, from the list view of the Templates folder, you can tell at a glance which tasks are for Sales. The

If you don't see the names of additional folders next to the task names, you can enable this by clicking on the dot menu from list view and making sure "Folder names" is checked.


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