terrible experience with Wrike trial

I own a small software consulting firm with just a handful of collaborators. We've been running all of our projects out of Jira, but at the start of this year we decided to look for a more feature-rich collaboration platform.

Our top picks came down to Monday and Wrike. Our of the box, Wrike just seemed to work better for us. Within a few days, we had setup a couple dozen projects, put together some nice Gantt charts and calendar views, and more or less moved all of our work over to Wrike. The trial was a success! Or so we thought...

This morning our trial period ran out, so we pulled out our credit card to enroll for paid service. We're too small for the 5-seat minimum Business plan to make sense, so enrolled at the Teams level of service. We understood that compared to the Business level, we'd have less storage and be missing some useful calendar and time tracking features. But the core project and tasks management workflows at the Teams level looked like a good fit for us.

Well, here's what happened ... after my assistant pressed the "Buy" button, Wrike reconfigured our account to Teams, and deleted all of our projects and tasks. Everything. Two weeks of setup work. Gone.

This is an astoundingly bad user experience, and sadly, we were setup for this failure right from the start. If you enroll for Wrike trail and select the lowest "2-20 company users" during onboarding, Wrike automatically places you into a Business Plus subscription. Nowhere during that initial onboarding are you warned that if you finish the trial and choose to buy at the Teams level, you'll forfeit all of your projects and tasks and need to start again from scratch.

It's hard to understand why you've set things up in this way. It makes me think that you added the new Teams subscription level without really thinking about how that service plan would fit into your existing trial / onboarding experience. Is your senior management away of what a terrible dead end you've engineered for smaller potential customers?


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Hello Mark Nye. Please allow me to sincerely apologize for the experience you've had. I have sent your feedback on your trial experience and data loss to our internal team for investigation. Even though before purchasing Team Plan, it's needed to click on the checkbox that you understand that you'll lose your data, I completely understand that this is not enough, so our Product team, including its senior management, will research options to notify trial users in a more clear way. Unfortunately, it is a technical limitation that doesn't currently allow us to transfer data to the Team plan. Please rest assured we take this feedback very seriously. And a big thank you for posting your feedback and flagging this with us here in the Community. 

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