Attaching Google Calendar Items


Is it possible to attach Google Calendar Items to a task?

I'm not talking about the full Wrike/calendar integration, I just need to share information in a task. 

For example, I want to write a comment on an existing task "I've set up a meeting with Wrike help to discuss" and then attach a link to the item in my google calendar. 

I do not want the entire project or task in my google calendar, and I don't want to add a task "Meet with Wrike" to attach the calendar item to. Currently I am creating the task in GCalendar and copy/pasting the link into the comment. 

Is there a better way?


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Hi Joshua, good question. If you want to reference a Google Calendar event in a Wrike task quickly, the way I do this is the same way you've suggested.

I choose to publish the event in Google Calendar using 'More Actions' button and share this link in the task's comment section or description field so others can add it to their Calendar.

It would be great to hear if anyone has a different approach here 👍

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