Unauthorized "User" to "Collaborator" Change

This week, I had a user complain they weren't able to create a Task, Project, nor Folder with the green plus (+). The New Task line at the bottom of the table view was gone & they had limited visibility. 

I checked the permissions, they were shared on the folders & had Full Access. 

I checked Users & Groups under Account Management & discovered that several Regular Users were labeled as Collaborators (the one I'm mentioning above was included in the change), and an old deleted user had been reinstated as a Collaborator. 

We only have two admins & neither one of us made the changes. How could this have occurred? Do the Wrike Bots have anything to do with these changes? Does usage have anything to do with the change (ex: if user isn't in Wrike frequently, they become a Collaborator)?


Julia Marantidi Home Automation Executive Account Manager & System Engineer

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Hi Julia, this sounds odd. Let me raise a ticket with our Support Team who can take a closer look into this for you. You'll receive an email on this soon, if there's anything in the meantime, please let me know 👍

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