Pulling a report on time logged

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I find huge discrepancies with the time logged report vs completed tasks report (I added logged time to my report).

I am trying to find the most accurate way of pulling a report on hours logged on a weekly basis. 

For instance on my tasks completed report it says i have logged +- 4 hours which is correct but on my time logged report (which i have created as per wrikes instructions it shows +- 40 hours. 

I have a team whose KPI's depend on an accurate time logged report. Please can you assist. 

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Hi Jennifer, thank you for getting in touch here! The default Timelog Report for time spent this week shows you time entries which were created during this week only. This means that if you tracked time on this task during a different time frame than the specified one, you won;t see that amount of time in the final count here. The completed tasks Report, on the other hand, will show time spent on a task in total (during all of its existence), and it also shows tasks which have a completed status. From what you describe here, it sound like you need a Report which shows:

  • Tasks which are completed.
  • The amount of time tracked for these tasks during this week only.

If that's the case, here are the settings which should be chosen in the Report builder:

If you want to see time spent during any other timeframe, just adjust that filter in step 3. Is this what you were looking to accomplish? Let me know if there's anything I misunderstood!

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