Attach a file to multiple tasks / Wrike File Cabinet

I often find that I need to attach the same file or image to multiple tasks. It would be a nice feature, you Wrike implemented a file cabinet where you could find existing attachments and attach them to additional tasks.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Keith, it's been a few months, glad to you see you back! We have another post on the forums around Document Management and it sounds like that might be what you're interested in. If that's what you're interested in, could you add a +1 to the original post and take a look at my very last comment in the thread? My comment goes over the latest status update on this from our Product team.  

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I added +1 to the thread you mentioned.  It appears this is what I am asking for.  What I want is a file cabinet with folders and subfolders.  The documents and files that appear here can be attached to one or more tasks.  That way a single document can be associated with multiple tasks.  Since the tasks current support versioning of attachments, I think this is important and should be maintained as well with the documents stored in the file cabinet.



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