Is there a way to take an existing TASK (with subtasks) and "move or transfer" those a project?

We have many, many tasks that really need to be converted to Projects, AND those sub tasks, would then become the tasks. Make sense?


OR is this s case, where we need to create ALL new Projects and copy/paste those tasks in there?


Please HELP!  What happened to the instant support help person?




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Hi Julieann! Thank you for reaching out on the Community. Converting a task into a Project isn't currently an automated process, but you can create Folders/Projects for the current tasks, and then convert its subtasks into a task. This can be done by dragging and dropping the subtasks to the newly created Projects, or detaching them. Learn more in our Subtasks article.


There's an existing request on the Community for this functionality, please feel free to add your vote to it too: Convert a Task into a Project. As for live chat, no worries, it's still here: you can find it in any article on the Help Center, for example on the subtasks article age I mentioned above :) Let me know if you have any other questions!

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At the moment, it feels like a task with subtasks is more powerfull than a project. (esp. for small projects)

Is there a best practise why/when to use the project feature and when/why to use a task with subtasks to manage things that take some weeks and have a little bunch of sub- and subsubtask to handle?

Best, Alex

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Hi everyone, it would be very nice to have it! right now, and manually i need to create around 15 new projets (that already exist like task...


Many thks

António José

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Note: moving this to Product Feedback section.


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