Location Based Remiders - Push notifications via mobile app

If the app could access GPS and remind you of tasks that you might need to do in the area while you are there, that would be amazing! I keep forgetting to take photos of a couple of things when I am in a certain area, and it would have been awesome if the app notified me when I was out there this weekend when I wasn't expecting to be there. 

Of course I know that this would need to be something that could be turned on or off per task, and would require an address field or something to know when you needed to be notified. 
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Victor K

Hi Luke! Your suggestion is a new one, and while it's definitely got merit, I'm afraid there simply isn't a large enough demand for this feature among our user base. 

I'm sure there's a mobile app somewhere that can do what you're asking with location based reminders, so it may be a good idea for you to use such an app in conjunction with Wrike for best results :slightly_smiling_face:

Would be interesting to hear from those with similar use cases and learn how they approach this!

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