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We have a few team members who are great about starting the time tracker running and rather bad at remembering to hit pause and log. As a result, the actual time log isn't accurate (which is a problem) and we've got lots of tasks that are showing someone has started working...months ago!

It would be really helpful to have one of those "leaving the page" reminders pop up with a message reminding people to log their time before they close Wrike. Or maybe a pop up reminder if the time tracker has been running for longer than a pre-set time? Anything along those lines that would help job the memories of those prone to leaving the time tracker running indefinitely.

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Hi Rebecca, this is some great feedback and input here. 
You may have already noticed that the timer continues to run at the top of the Workspace when you leave the task, which some people also find a useful reminder that time is running on a task. 
However, I can see how an alert may be helpful here so we have made the Product Team aware of this post. This isn't on their short-term roadmap but if there are any updates on this, I'll be sure to post here. Thanks for sharing!
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We have a similar request, but not related to time tracking reminders.  When a task is closed out (completed), there are several steps that need to be done as part of our process.  It would be nice if we could configure these "reminders" on each task, so that when a task is marked complete, a pop-up screen or similar notification would remind the project manager of the other steps necessary.

We understand that sub-tasks could be used for this, but that is quite time-consuming for our users.  We also cannot map incoming requests (the way we receive work) to a task template, so it would require several steps to duplicate the template, and set it up against the incoming request (task) that comes from the form.

The ability to configure pop-up reminders or other notifications in Wrike would be helpful for this purpose.

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