To Do List Needs LOTS of Design Love - I BEG YOU

Hey awesome Wrike team, 


I'm a Wrike user and believer - managing events for a national speaker and leveraging your tool as I go. 90% of your product works wonderfully, but the ESSENTIAL 10% does not!!

As a product manager, I'm seriously bummed to find that your to-do list of Wrike tasks is never in chronological order by date!! Additioanlly, when I mark a task "Complete" what drove you to believe that, as a user, I want to jump to the "Completed" section of tasks? No way! I want to maintain my place in a chronological list of tasks by due date so I can have the continuous satisfaction of checking items off of my to-do list. 

INSTEAD, I have to scroll back and forth, back and forth, between my seemingly randomized "to-do's" and the "completed" task list because you send me back and forth, back and forth. 


Man, I love your product, but this part is so painful that I'm blown away you haven't updated how it works yet! Hence, my rather passionate piece of feedback. Please create a chronological list of TO-DO's for your users and quit sending me to the "Completed" section every time I check off a task in the "MY WORK" section. I want to believe in youuuuuu!

- Brittany Adams, Product Manager and User, Austin TX

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Hi Brittany! When you mention your To-Do list, do you mean My Work tab? If so, I can see how what you've outlined would be helpful to see. Matthew posted about this earlier this year in his post My Work Ordering. It would be great for you to vote for the idea over there to keep the upvotes in the one space. Also feel free to comment there with any additional information.

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