[Duplicate] Interim Project Manager

Note from Wrike Team: Check out "Move/Undo Button" to vote for the original request.


Please please add a UNDO button....somewhere on top perhaps where the All Active and TO: All filters are located.  Undo is a must.  thanks!

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see, I should have said an Undo button....maybe messages should also allow for Edits.  oh well.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Elaine, thank you for posting here! An undo button does briefly appear at the bottom of the Workspace, but that said, I understand that it could help if it were displayed more prominently and for a longer period of time. There's an existing post around the undo functionality, and I'd love to hear your suggestion as a comment there, I think other Community members would be interested in hearing it as well: Move/Undo Button. Happy to continue the discussion there!

As for editing comments here, our Community is built on the Zendesk platform, so it isn't hosted on the Wrike site. Here, it's possible to edit a comment or post by clicking the gear icon under it and selecting "Edit". :)


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