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We rely on wrike heavily for our project management needs. But its a bit lacking for some of the chart options that I use Excel for currently. My current process is that I would have to create a custom report for the required data that I need from wrike, and export it to excel in the format I need and then upload the data to an excel file template to build the charts that I need for daily reporting. 

Ideally if I could access the wrike custom report through and rss feed, i could eliminate the steps of exporting and importing data from wrike to excel and just have the chart sheet I developed update automatically. 

Unfortunately your current RSS feed is limited in terms of the data it provides making it difficult to work with. If we could get the RSS feed of the custom report we build, which already updates in wrike automatically, that would be huge! 

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Hi Samson, thanks for posting this here, this is definitely an interesting and unique request. I know this solution won't work for all teams, but provided there's some time and resources for playing around with our API, I wanted to suggest a way of getting the most out of Wrike and Excel, as described in our Community post about Connecting Wrike's API with MS Excel and Power BI. It sounds like this could potentially be useful for the process you outlined, and we'll be happy to answer any further questions about it! :)

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