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 We would like to introduce a report style snapshot within the top of the form. This is so individuals making requests understand backlog or number of unassigned tasks within a project. Similar to Parking lots where you know how many spots are available, before you drive into the parking lot. From a list of possible solutions. 


1.) Snapshot of a Report, would probably serve best. That way the data is always accurate every time the form is viewed

2.) Dynamic Image Spot - We can create a link and manually update the image, but the form never needs to be updated. 

3.) Static Image Spot - We could daily upload a new image to the form that relates to current bandwidth. 

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Hi Jeff, this sounds really interesting! Do you think that in the meantime it would help to have a link to a Report snapshot included in the Request description? Also, it sounds like you might be interested in voting for: Forms: Section Text and Image.

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