"One Month" as a filtering option

Currently when filtering tasks to create a dashboard we have the option of selecting "this month". This is helpful at the beginning of the month but once you've gotten a couple weeks in it's not useful at all. This is especially true of the end of the month, it only shows a couple days out.

Our team needs a way to show a consistent 4 weeks out view to plan a month in advance. We need the timeframe "one month" vs the calendar "this month".

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Hi Caitlin, thank you for sharing your idea here! I wanted to share an existing post which starts off as a discussion around Dashboard filters, but later covers different filtering options, including what you've shared here: Add Future Time Frames in Dashboard Filters. Do you think you could add your vote/comment there, so we could keep the discussion going? I'll close this post for comments now, but definitely looking forward to seeing you there!

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