Prevent Cloning of specific tasks

I think we should have the ability at admin-level to disable cloning of certain tasks and projects, or perhaps at a folder level. This is to prevent bad habits of copying old projects.

For example we have a set of programs templated for project managers to clone. They then can adjust details for the new project. This gives a consistent starting point, and we can add improvements to the template.

But we find that many tend to clone a recent - or not so recent - program to use. We've asked that they not do so, but when rushed, human nature prevails. This creates a problem, because they may forget to change outdated information, and the old project doesn't follow our current workflow.



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Hi Charles, thanks for sharing this idea here! It sounds like the Folder Permissions feature could help in this case - it allows you to set limited editing permissions for certain users and groups on a per Folder/Project level. This means that they'll have regular rights in all other locations, and will be able to duplicate Folder/Projects, but limited rights in a certain locations will prevent their duplication. Check out our Folder and Project Permissions article to learn more, and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to discuss this functionality further!

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