Order of tasks and subtasks in table format


When I organise a project with tasks or subtasks I enter them in a logical order, and I want that order to be retained. However when I go say from the list to the table view the order changes and I cannot get it back to the logical order with which I entered the subtasks.


I put numbers at the front of each task to ensure the tasks can be ordered by sorting based on title, but then this re-arranges the subtasks into alphabetical order, so that my logical order is no longer followed. I could enter number prefixes for each of the subtasks but this would be very frustrating.


Are there any other tricks, or is Wrike planning to fix this issue, or provide automatic tasks or subtasks numbering which can then be retained when moving from one view to another.


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Hi Peter, thanks for sharing this idea here! There's a similar request on the Community, which looks like what you might've been looking for: Enable Sorting of Tasks in Table View by Priority. Tracking all votes and similar requests in one place helps us consolidate all related feedback and make sure we have a good idea of the popularity of a certain request. Would be great to have your vote added there! :)


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