Logging 24hrs spent on a task

When you want to log 24hrs being spent on a task, I understand that we can only enter 23hrs 59mins. That's fine. But seemingly, the exact time entered is "23:58:48.000"?! (We can see this when we export the timelog via csv.)

This entry needs to read "23:59:59.999" to be accurate, and stop incorrect rounding-down and unexpected weekly/monthly totals.

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Hi Marc, thank you for reaching out! I just ran some tests and wasn't able to reproduce this behavior. After adding 23hrs 59mins to a task and exporting both the Time Log and Table Views to Excel, the time in the exported file was shown as 23:59. Could you please let me know the exact process which leads to this result? I'll be happy to open up a Support ticket to investigate the issue further if this persists for you!


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