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Has anyone ever heard of Hey Taco? https://www.heytaco.chat/ It's a great merit system for team collaboration within Slack. Basically each team member gets 5 tacos everyday free to send to any other team member for anything such as help, compliments, whatever! Then you get a taco leaderboard. It's great for teamwork and adding a little fun to the work place. The problem is I don't want to bring the team onto Slack as we're perfectly happy messaging within Wrike. Is there any similar system you can recommend or do you plan on incoporating something like this?

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Hi Anthony, thank you for posting and sorry for the delay! We don't have a Taco Merit system in Wrike, but our Product Team is already working on enhancing the messaging and communication functionality, and the first feature we've introduced is Emojis. I know that this doesn't include a leaderboard, but it can definitely be fun to add a taco to the comments section in Wrike :)

We're working on some more features to make the messaging experience even more interactive, so stay tuned!

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Has there been any progress with this? I see that there are emojis but there isn't really a leader board to track the comments. I do love the emojis and I am sure I can set up a Wrike Project to house only compliments with tasks being each week?

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@Natalie Hi, happy to see you here and sorry for the long reply. I have no update on a feature similar to Hey Taco, for now, it's not on the Product roadmap. You can, of course, set up a Project and recurring tasks within it to message with your teammates 🙂 If you could provide more detail on what you are looking for exactly, I might be able to help 🙌

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