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My company uses Wrike for time tracking and so the timesheets are a major part of the product that we use. It would be really nice to have some additional filters/settings added to make the timesheet more powerful.

One specific use case that is a painpoint for several on my team is that when the timesheet is set to prefill tasks, tasks changed to a completed status are removed if no time is added to them. I can understand why this is the default, but it would be really helpful to have the option to leave completed tasks on the prefilled timesheet. Often times a user will update the status of a task to a completed status to alert the next person that they can do their work, but the first user will not update their timesheet until the end of the day or week. Please consider adding the ability to adjust what types of tasks appear on the prefilled timesheet.

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Hi Alex Walton, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here! 🙂 I'll be passing it to the Product team; let's see if other Community members have similar use-cases 👍

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I totally agree. This would be super useful for our company. Lets upvote it please.

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