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When duplicating a pre-made project template there is an option under for "Copy Tasks"  "with assignee's".

As this is a template project the user should have the option to assign all task to any person.

Currently i am wasting so much time assigning each task to myself once duplicating the tasks.

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Hey Glenn, thanks for taking the time for creating a post here 🙂

As I understand, you have a template project with multiple tasks which are assigned to multiple assignees, and you'd like to have an option to quickly assign all of them to yourself when duplicating? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

You can quickly reassign tasks using the Mass Editing feature. Also, I'd recommend checking out Blueprints. With them, you can create multiple Blueprint projects, for example, one where each task has a different assignee and the other one where all tasks are assigned to you. When assigning tasks in a Blueprint, assignees don't get notifications (they only get them when the project is launched from the Blueprint). All assignees stay in place when launching those projects. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss this further.

Hope this helps 🙌

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