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Hi folks! 

I'm wondering if there's any way to assign a category to a task other than New/In Progress/Completed etc etc?

Sometimes on projects it would be handy to be able to flag tasks as Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor. I can't see a space to do this, but may also be suffering from brain mush. 

Any help much appreciated! Thank you. 

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Hey Aaron, 

I think there are a couple ways you could go about this, depending on your plan. The folder/tagging structure of Wrike is one of my favorite features because it allows for incredible flexibility. If you're on the Free or Professional plan, you can use folders (aka Tags) for Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor, etc. and then "Tag" tasks with those folders. This would give you the filtered view you're looking for. Here's an example, using colors to be more helpful.

After tagging a few tasks, I can quickly see these tags in my list view of tasks.

I could make this even more robust by adding another top level folder to contain all of my tags. That way these additional folders don't clutter the rest of my project plan. Like so:

A second option would be If you have the Business or Enterprise Plan, you could explore custom fields. Specifically creating a drop down custom field with the flag values you want to use. With this option you have some more fine tune control with where these custom fields appear. For example, you can share them broadly with your organization or just for a certain project.

A third option to explore, again if you have the Business or Enterprise Plan, are custom statuses and workflows. Using your example, I would create another workflow and add the Blocker, Critical, Major and Minor flags as Active statuses. Then you can apply this custom workflow to any project folder you'd like.

Again, lots of flexibility here and I wouldn't say there's one best way to do it. It really depends on your specific needs and workflow, but I think given these options you should be able to make something work really well for you.

Let me know if you have any feedback or other ideas!

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